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Level 2 – supplementary evidence

Assignment 1 – supplementary evidence.
After moderation, it was decided that the following evidence needs to be made more explicit in your assignment.
Task 1: Explore a media institution

Learners will need to understand how to conduct explorations into a media institution.

• a main factsheet
• product factsheet(s)
• competitor factsheet(s).

Task 2: Choose one media product to investigate
• production process flowcharts.

Task 3: Investigate the target audience
• the various theoretical models of audience behaviour including hypodermic needle, cultivation theory, uses and gratification.
• factsheet(s) containing an audience profile.
• questionnaire(s)
• survey(s)
• factsheet(s) based on research outcomes.

Task 4: Explore how the chosen media product reaches its intended audience

Produce an audience profile including gender, age, lifestyle and spending power based on secondary research relevant to the media product you looked at
• a factsheet detailing the distribution channels i.e. how does the trailer reach the target audience?; is there a website with online content?; are retail outlets used?; is there nationwide distribution?

• a factsheet detailing the advertising approach.

Task 5: Demonstrate an understanding of the chosen media product
• produce a questionnaire based on relevant representation issues – for example, how does it represent individuals based on class, age, gender, stereotypes and ethnicity? and how is this demonstrated in the content of the magazine? The questions must directly relate to the teenage magazine, its impact and effect (both positive and negative) on the intended target audience
• use your questionnaire to conduct and record a survey
• produce research outcomes based on your findings from the questionnaire, your investigation of the teenage magazine and use of secondary resources. Your evidence could be in written format with supporting graphs, statistics or images
• produce factsheet(s) investigating relevant legal issues (libel, offensive language, etc) and/or ethical issues (sexism, racism, etc).
• produce factsheet(s) investigating the role of the PCC (or relevant regulatory body), ASA, etc.

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