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58. Parts of a newspaper/magazine

Parts of a Newspaper

 Layout, typical features and technical terms Some or all of these may be found on the front pages of newspapers. 

!  Box-out – A small part of the page, shaded in a different colour.

 !  By-line – the name of the reporter, if they are important is often included at the beginning of the feature, rather than at the end, or not at all. 

!  Caption – typed text under photographs explaining the image. 

!  Credits – the author of a feature may be given credit in the form of a beeline.  Photographs may have the name of the person who took them or the agency that supplied them alongside them. 

!  Crosshead – this is a subheading that appears in the body of the text and is centred above the column of text. If it is se to one side then it is called a side-head. 

!  Exclusive – this means that newspaper and no one else solely cover the story.  The paper will pay their interviewees, buying the story so it cannot be used by another paper. 

!  Feature – not necessarily a ‘news’ item (current affairs), but usually with a human-interest angle presented as a spread. 

!  Headline – this is the main statement, usually in the largest and boldest font, describing the main story.  A banner headline spans the full width of the page. 

!  Kicker – this is a story designed to stand out from the rest of the page by the use of a different font (typeface) and layout. 

!  Lead Story – the main story on the front page, usually a splash. 

!  Lure – a word or phrase directing the reader to look inside the paper at a particular story or feature. 

!  Masthead – the masthead is the title block or logo identifying the newspaper at the top of the front-page.  Sometimes an emblem or a motto is also placed within the masthead.  The masthead is often set into a block of black or red print or boxed with a border; the ‘Red-tops’ (The Sun, The Mirror, The News of the World) are categorised by style and the use of a red background in the masthead. 

!  Menu – the list of contents inside the paper. 

!  Pugs – these are at the top left and right-hand corners of the paper and are known as the ‘ears’ of the page.  The prices of the paper, the logo or a promotion are positioned there.  They are well placed to catch the reader’s eye. 

!  Secondary Lead – this is usually only a picture and headline, it gives a sneak preview of a story that you might find inside the paper. 

!  Sidebar – when a main feature has an additional box or tinted panel along side of it. 

!  Splash – the splash is the main story on the front of the paper.  The largest headline will accompany this, along with a photograph. 

!  Spread – a story that covers more than one page. 

!  Standfirst – this is an introductory paragraph before the start of the feature.  Sometimes it may be in bold. 

!  Strapline – this is an introductory headline below the headline. 

!  Tag – a word or phrase used to engage a reader’s interest in a story by categorising it e.g. ‘Exclusive’, ‘Sensational’.

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